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Server Rules

These rules apply to all Minecraft server instances run by Kirsle.

  1. These are not PvP servers. PvP is enabled, so you can accidentally attack
    other players, but it's not encouraged.
  2. No griefing! Don't break anyone else's stuff without permission. Don't
    loot other peoples' chests. Etc.
  3. No cheating! No use of Xray texture packs, WorldDownloader, or other mods
    that give you an unfair advantage are allowed.
  4. Practice proper netiquette. Don't type IN ALL CAPS in the chat, respect
    other people, don't be annoying, etc.
  5. Don't ask to be an operator. The ops on my servers are a close group of
    trusted friends. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I don't trust
    you. ;)
  6. Any server specific rules also apply. This list is the global server rules,
    but some individual instances may have their own rules in addition to these.

This list may be expanded in the future.